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Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions !


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Why Binary Solutions?

We are Local and have vast experience of IT related products and services, and been supporting customers, from 15 plus years with the highest customer retention and strongest word of mouth. Our services will make you feel Stress-Free with TTE Ethos followed all the time.

What services do you provide and how it works?

We provide solutions with years of experience and knowledge while maintaining the trust and transparency so can have better outcome and eventually satisfied customer. Out TTE Ethos says it loudly – Trust, Transparency and Expertise.

  • A one stop IT services to cater the needs of Self Employed, SMEs, Offices and Residential customers.
In this Covid 19 pandemic time how your service can be helpful?

This is the burning question in today’s time from last year on and we have been providing very reliable solutions whether it is to do with Internet access, Email access or even phone services whether be in office or working from home or on the road. Leave us a message or call us and we can talk to provide the best workable solutions for you.

How does your Free pickup service work?

This is again one of the widely used service and we provide one side service to the client whether pick up or drop off within the area of 5 km from Royal Oak roundabout. The purpose of the service is to drop off \ pick up only and can not provide any assistance in setting up or providing training unless it’s been arranged beforehand. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate as we are just a phone call away.

  • We provide services to the Residential Care Villages from 12 + years.
  • We do provide service to the Residential Customer as well from 18 + years.
What are the security solutions you provide and how can it protect us?

We have some of the well proven solutions that is been used and it can protect your device and network. These solutions are based on your existing setup and requirements but can include with antivirus, email protection, network protection etc.

What kind of email services you provide?

We can provide you the most basic and most economical to the corporate level email service. The corporate level email services are most reliable and easily accessible from most of the devices and can sync across all devices.

Can you move our existing email services to your server and what does it involve?

Off course we can move it to our server and that depends on the number of emails you have and the types of it. If you can email or call us that would be great, and we can talk to provide more accurate answer.

Can we access our email from any device?

Yes and No depending on the email service you are going with as with some email services you can receive emails on most of the devices, but email replied from one device won’t be available on to other device.

How can Remote service help us?

By Accessing your PC remotely.

  • This is one of the most widely use service through out the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • This allows to access your Office PC from home with the best security and reliability you can expect.
  • We use this service to provide remote support to our client and is the most effective way and been using this from 6 plus years and would have saved lots of customers of productive hours.
Is backup worth & will it be usefull !

This question comes in the minds of person who had not been affected in the past with loss of data whether broken drive or inaccessible device or forgotten password. We always say to the customer that to understand the importance of data use the alternate device for a day or two with nothing on it and try to do normal day to day business activity and that will help to see the importance of Backup.

What kind of backup should I have and how do I know it is working?

Depending on the kind of data, its size and accessibility requirement the solutions need to be work out. And we have the programs and the system that works reliably and recovered data successfully because of human error or negligence.
Data Recovery

Can you recover data from my laptop drive?

e can analyze the drive and come back to you the data that can be recovered. We can recover data from computer \ laptop \ tablet drive and even flash \ portable drives. The less the drive been tried and tried to access the data the better the chance to recover data.

What we find is, hard to explain, on the other side of the phone the problem we facing?

This is the very much reason we got this service in our portfolio as lots of customer asking to provide them the internet service. As many a time you try to explain the non-technical guy from big ISP who does not understand your concern and have no idea of your site setup. While on the other side, in our case, we will ask you the right question knowing your setup and provide the quick resolution to it. And you don’t have to talk to any other IT guy as we are the IT Tech to help provide Stress-Free Services.

What is VOIP / PBX and how it can help us?

VOIP is termed as Voice Over Internet Protocol. So, it routes the audio data through the Internet and that has widened the option to use the audio service on most of the platform be it Mobile, Laptop, Computer, Tablet etc. With our service the call will follow you wherever you go if you like so you are never out of reach to your customer.

Do I need any extra cabling for this service?

Not at all as far as you have reliable internet solutions with better speed that will do the job.

How does our TTE works and why you bother about it?

We are local and based in Auckland from 15 plus years and would feel proud in saying that our customer retention is the highest and the word of mouth. And that is very well to do with our TTE Ethos as our building stone is Trust and with the Transparency our Expertise of these many years provide the solutions to our customer. We maintain this before service provided, while it is being delivered and even after it’s been fulfilled.

Stress-Free --- how this helps us

From the start we try to understand customer as a layman so we can give the expected solutions as close as we can. In most instances we don’t have to attend the site for that setup again. We provide reliable and consistent solutions for the ongoing nagging issues to have less or no stress, assuring you Stress-Free solutions!!

How does WARRANTY work - be a service or hardware or software!

We are IT service provider and provide the solutions based on the client’s requirement with our knowledge and what is available as at that time keeping in mind clients budget. And we do this by assessing different suppliers’ solutions, from our portfolio, based on the availability, reliability, and cost. So, the warranty normally comes from the software \ hardware supplier as we are in the middle trying to get best for you. And in the whole process when there is any question pertaining to it then please do not hesitate to come back to us. We have a very good terms with our supplier and sometime go extra mile to help our customer.

Any Question on our services ?

We have answer for you !

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