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We understand that choosing an IT service provider is a meticulous task that needs careful consideration. To help you make the right decision, below you will find a portfolio of our recent work. Our portfolio is complete with an array of services so you can visualise our versatility – and our ability to take the stress away from confusing IT tasks.

Reducing Network Costs

One of our clients was complaining about the costs they were spending on their current network. When Binary Solutions stepped in and had a look at what they were currently using, we quickly devised a plan that would not only reduce fixed costs, but we were also able to reduce maintenance and ongoing costs.

Their current server-to-peer network was not applicable to their business and guzzling money that could have been better spent in other areas of their company. We switched them over to a peer-to-peer network that saved them money, time and probably reduced stress levels too.

Not to forget that we also set up emails, files and programmes for a seamless handover. We did what we do best, so they could get on doing what they do best!

Cloud-Based Email Systems

When your employees cannot do the job they are paid to do because of email problems, it can feel like you have stepped back in time. Thankfully, Binary Solutions stepped in and solved this issue for one of our many satisfied clients.

The main issue was that staff could not send and receive emails due to the size of attachments. Therefore, we reconfigured their in-house email system to a cloud-based system. We also reconfigured their new email system to their devices and website.

This enabled them to enjoy even more features than they had ever had before Even better, they now had super-fast performance with huge amounts of storage, with no ongoing costs whatsoever!

We can share other projects undertaken with success stories…..

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