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Most cost effective way to safeguard your data is with the automation

Cloud Backup

We are living in the world where most of our data is becoming digital with computers and technology becoming integral to the most our personal & businesses operations. While the technology, a business owner has at their disposal, makes life easier than ever before, at the same time, it can also create a real nightmare when things go wrong.

Again, this digital data being on internet is more prone to theft and loss. Most of the companies that suffered significant data lose in the past end up going out of business with in few months of that incident.

We at Binary Solutions understands these needs of businesses. We know that business owners are looking for ways to use technology to work smarter and improve the bottom line.

Cloud Backup solution, tailored to your need, will enables your firm to export a replica of your cloud data to a different place so that if your data is compromised, you or your business may restore information, facilitate business continuity, and safeguard oneself from IT disasters.

On - Site Internal Backup

On-premise, local backup is a fit for companies with big budgets and existing infrastructure.

This arrangement provides security behind your own firewall and provides you complete control over internal data, and it can also accommodate huge data but you pay for it and maintain:

  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Hosting
  • Servers

At Binary Solutions, we understand that for budget-conscious businesses, sometime this makes less appealing.

Furthermore, knowing that data administration, maintenance, and risk are their responsibility, most businesses choose to focus on their core business rather than managing on-premise backup.

Hosted - Private Cloud Backup

A third-party private cloud is another option for cloud backup.

The particular option has been growing in popularity over the years because the private cloud provides versatility and compatibility where on-premises backup infrastructure does not. This option also provides redundancy, ease of access if needed and, the most important is if fire breaks out on-site the data is still safe as its in the cloud.

Third-party private clouds provide full protection without the added fees for maintenance, security, or infrastructure. In addition, a third-party cloud:

  • Satisfies legal standards & Allows the data encryption
  • Backups may be automated many times each day & Vulnerability management testing is done on time
  • The price of data evacuation is eliminated with monthly or per-user payment schemes.

Because the convenience of use of a hosted private cloud, your business would recover quickly with predictable cost.

We Offer

At Binary Solutions, we work out option considering the very fact that the best option will substantially vary, but the most of our decision always centered over data restoration, such as when there is a need to recover your data, what will be the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective way to do so?

While doing so, the consideration is always on the key service features:

Backup Period: The most reliable backup solutions should provide multiple daily point-in-time backups for a snapshot of your data at different points throughout the day.

Backup Potency: How quickly would you get your data back?

Structure of Pricing: There are no additional fees for storage or recovery with per-user pricing, which protects your business from the cost of data evacuation regardless of how much data you have.

Customer Care: If data is compromised, you could get support when you need it. It is critical that every business have a plan in place for data restoration.

The more precise plan, the quicker will be able to get it back in business if an emergency arises.

Is it worth paying for the service that might not be used? Then how about Insurance….

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