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Choose to back up your files and documents securely with the renowned cloud backup services on offer at Binary Solutions.

Backing up files and data on your office computers is an important demand from businesses – and rightly so. Working hard on a project for it to go missing or to be lost through IT failures can be stressful and costly.

This is why Binary Solutions offers to back up your files and data using the most secure and advanced measures. We offer cloud backup services that you can rely on in case the worst does occur. We can back up your office desktop computer, company laptops, MacBooks and even your server so everything and anything is secured.

A Researched Product

Binary Solutions has researched the various cloud backup solutions out there, so you do not have to. In doing so, we can provide the most reliable and stable way of backing up your files and documents. This has followed years of researching and testing different products that we deemed not good enough for our clients.

As a result, we are able to offer and confidently state that your files will always be safely stored when using our cloud backup services. Our service also takes the worry away from scheduling backups, so you can sit back and know your documents are always safe.

Tailored Cloud Backup Services

Binary Solutions offers stress-free cloud backup solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Our portfolio consists of two different cloud backup options that are suitable for different requirements. While both backup and secure your files equally, we can ensure that you receive a cloud backup service that is tailored to your business.

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