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Email Environment that is safe, resilient, and scalable

Exchange Cloud

Emails are sent in the millions, both internally among employees and externally among firms, customers, prospects, and business partners. Email interaction has become increasingly crucial as face-to-face meetings are no longer an option, at least for the time being.

Businesses needs a trustworthy and secure email solution, such as Exchange Online, to maintain effective communication with clients and prospects.

Cloud Exchange is the cloud version of Microsoft’s on-premises Email Server, and is an email server. Cloud Exchange is a hosted email solution with enterprise-level features. Users can use this service to access their emails, shared calendars, contacts, and tasks on the go. It is accessible via a Email Client, the Web UI, and Mobile App.

How Cloud Exchange Work !

Usage of free email service will often drag into the problems and complications that arise with using a personal email service in a business context. This lack of legitimate and distinct addresses creates an image that you are not serious regarding your business to your client or consumer.

The Exchange Cloud, is Outlook-compatible and allows users to access their email data even when they are not connected to their workplace networks. Microsoft manages and maintains Exchange Online, and the servers that power this service are housed in Microsoft’s secure data centers.

Microsoft provides a 99.9 percent application uptime and availability guarantee to enhance the dependability of their cloud-based solution.

Users can sign up for Exchange Online as a stand-alone service or as part of their Office 365 subscription.

Cloud Exchange Features

Fortunately, there is a feasible solution. Emails are being moved to the cloud. Cloud computing is marketed as a cure-all for all of a company’s IT woes. Not entirely, but cloud computing remains a very important tool, particularly for email.

Moving your emails to the cloud, such as Microsoft’s Exchange Online, provides clear, measurable benefits in terms of functionality, security, and cost.

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud email service that is meant to consolidate your emails into a single database on the Microsoft cloud, providing you with a long-term corporate email solution. Some of the advantages of exchange online are  like

  • All of your devices can communicate with the cloud database at the same time,
  • Lowering your maintenance costs and
  • Guaranteeing that your data is always secure:

Some Features

If you keep your email servers at your office, you’ll need someone to care after them, and if something goes wrong, you’ll have to deal with downtime and interruption while they’re rectified. That is where Microsoft Exchange Online comes in.

Shared Mailboxes

Group or shared mailboxes are included.

Don’t worry about deleting emails to free up mailbox capacity as shared mailboxes are included for free, & each user has enough of storage. It is a container with a signed email address that holds everything would normally remain in your inbox.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Safe from employees mistakenly sending information to wrong email.

For more comprehensive email security, Microsoft Exchange data loss prevention capabilities (DLP) detect, monitor, and safeguard critical data by delving deep into full-text content. Until now, encrypting email outside of the corporation was a difficult task.

Cost Saving

Integration with Microsoft, allows control of cost.

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook and bundling with an Office 365 license per user per month gives you total cost control and the ability to scale up or down the number of users at any moment.


Noticeable benefits of improved functionality.

Exchange Online allows for quick, straightforward, and convenient email management. Smart look-ups in Exchange Online let you discover and arrange emails quickly. Keyword, author, and date searches, resulting in quick and precise results.

Are you fed up with continuous stream of spams and unsolicited emails?

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