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Layered protection to filter known or unknown threats


Binary Solutions takes the security of your business seriously – which is why we offer leading solutions to combat cyber crime and computer viruses.

The news is inundated with reports about businesses being hacked and customer data being compromised.

The repercussions of this are severely detrimental to businesses because the public quickly loses trust in their products and services.

However, it is not just data that needs protecting.

Your whole business network may be compromised if you are not guarding yourself against cyber threats and viruses.

The threat may be real, but thankfully, so are the security services on offer with us here at Binary Solutions.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Viruses can harm your network, bring your business processes to a standstill and cost a lot of money to rectify.

This is why it is better to protect yourself from the outset with the most celebrated and effective anti-virus protection.

Binary Solutions can provide you with the best anti-virus services for your specific IT operations.

We only use and promote products that are leading the IT security industry to ensure all our clients are protected and stay protected.

We work with leading tools such as Nod32, Kaspersky and Business Trend Micro.

Firewall Hardware

Our security service goes beyond anti-virus software as it can only provide device level protection. While Firewall can stop the malicious code well before it can reach to the device and provides the first layer of protection. Firewall is reach in providing solutions and can be helpful in protecting the network, limiting what can come in or goes out or limit the interaction between the Wired and Wifi devices.

Losing control of your network can cost both time and money, which is why we have Firewall Hardware in our portfolio that you can always count on.

It is wiser to pay a small price to get your network protected now, rather than paying significantly when things do go wrong. Thankfully, our clients reap the benefits of the Firewall – a true leader in firewall hardware!

Find Out More

To ask any questions about our security services or find out how Binary Solutions can help your business guard against threats, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have vast experience in IT security and can assist you in building the most effective long-term barriers.

Talk to us now, if network share drops…lot of spams….slow internet…pop up windows….

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