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Data Recovery

At Binary Solutions, we have encountered numerous instances of urgent data recovery needs throughout couple decades of our IT support business. In today’s environment, where a business or personal world revolve around data, the data recovery becomes more important while  ensuring that data accumulated over time is safe and secure. The data recovery is the process of retrieving data from numerous inaccessible  devices in the event of data loss.

Accidents occur in both the personal and professional realms, and everyone must be prepared to deal with them. Any plan for getting a company back on track should include data recovery.

It is observed that businesses are reluctant to deploy a disaster recovery solution influenced by financial concerns. These businesses, on the other hand, should indeed assure that they have at least the basic data recovery solution in place. Data recovery is an important element of disaster recovery, yet it should not be misinterpreted for disaster recovery.

Need of Data - Recovery

Imagine your reaction as if you were working on a project or document and your computer system displayed a blank screen on a start up. It could be that the BIOS doesn’t really recognize one of the partitions, or it could be anything else.

Isn’t this a notification from your computer indicating something bad is likely to happen, such as a hard disc failure, a system crash, or another issue that prompted your system to shut down? Don’t be surprised if this happens to you.

Don’t stress; at Binary Solutions, we have plans in place to deal with such a situation.

The loss or damage of data could be the reason of

  • Damage – Primary storage devices are impacted, but other equipment is not.
  • Data Theft – The most common factor and its prevalence is widespread.
  • Virus Infection – Virus infection causes drive failure and or just corrupt disk.
  • OS Failure – Just can not rue out with rare chances, it could damage data.

For obvious reasons, data recovery has always been a key priority. At, Binary Solutions, we provides a variety of cloud-based backup options along with regular updates, maintenance, and monitoring services, to cover up the uncertainty of Data Loss.

How it works !

It’s crucial to understand that once data has been wiped, it can’t be recovered. As a result, nothing should be written to the storage until the last file has been recovered from it.

The data recovery utilities mostly function with metadata analytical techniques and the raw recovery based on known file content, or a combination of the two ways.

The core of these techniques – metadata, a hidden service information with in the file system, which allows the software to find the principal structure on the storage – containing place of file content, their properties & directory hierarchy.

In general using such information, a software recovers the data. In event of failure with this system, search for the file starts with their know content.

Different software and hardware solutions can be deployed to recover lost data depending on the context and extent of the data loss. There are several comprehensive software suite that effectively restores lost or corrupted data.

These tools support a wide range of devices, including typical internal and external storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, and so on, as well as complicated RAID-based systems and virtual machines.

Why Data Loss Happen !

Regardless of the size of your company, data is almost certainly a necessary component of its operation. If you don’t already have a good strategy in place to protect your data, there are three things to bear in mind: humans are prone to make mistakes, technological systems can fail for a variety of reasons, and tragedy can strike at any moment.

Technology Failure

Every piece of technology will ultimately fail.

Almost every businesses rely on data, thus failure of technology is terrible news. The last thing you need is to tell a customer that their service will be interrupted or and can lose the information required to make a critical business decision.

People Make Mistakes.

All are expected to be perfect, but are only human.

We all make mistakes, such as missing the important step, entering incorrect data, deleting data, leaving computers on public transportation, or killing a hard drive with a cup of coffee, therefore having a data backup and recovery solution is essential.

Natural Disaster

Nature is uncertain and can be devastating to business.

Extreme heat, deep freezes, major flooding, earthquakes and tornadoes can wreak havoc on technology systems, by producing electrical faults and fires. So, when wish to resume operations, firms must have a data backup and recovery plan.

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